We specialize in big parties and cater to all ages. We work hard to stay on top of the competition and will continue bringing the latest and greatest, most state-of-the-art features possible. 


To Rent the Partybus, CLICK HERE or Call

(505) 804-6366



  1. How many people does your buses hold?  
    All our buses hold a max of 50 people.
  2. Can you bring alcohol on the bus? 
    Yes as long as everyone on the bus is 21 and over with valid id.
  3. How do I check ability on a bus?
    Call or email us ASAP to check the date and times.Then if a bus is open we need a deposit and sign contract to save bus.
  4. Is smoking allowed on the buses? 
    No smoking of any kind is allowed on the buses. Driver can stop for smoke breaks as needed.
  5. Do you provide music on the bus?
    Yes all our buses come with live dj with thousands of songs.
  6. What's not allowed on the buses?
    • Minors consuming alcohol.
    • Harassing driver, dj, or party host.
    • Glass containers. ( some exceptions allowed ) .
    • Smoking of any kind.
    • Weapons.
  7. What happens if I break the rules ?
    We reserve the right to remove anyone on the bus at anytime for breaking these rules, or stop the party early. * If you are removed from the bus or party is stopped early no refunds will be given.